Settingup bluetooth on Raspberry Pi-3

Setting up Bluetooth on Raspberry Pi-3


In the previous versions of Raspberry Pi (e.g B+ and Pi 2 ), there was no inbuilt Bluetooth hardware. To use Bluetooth service, we need to use Bluetooth add on which will consume GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi. But now Raspberry Pi 3 comes with built in Bluetooth, by just installing necessary drivers one can use Bluetooth service.


1                                 2

1. Raspberry Pi                                                      2.SD card loaded with latest Noobs


3                                                       3. Access to Raspberry Pi with keyboard and monitor


  1. Download the latest NOOBS from ( Don’t download the older version of NOOBS, otherwise Raspberry Pi won’t boot ) and visit the Downloadspage.
  1. In that page, steps are given to install Raspbian image using NOOBS.
  1. Insert the SD card in to the Raspberry Pi and power it up.
  1. Internet connection should be there either through wifi or Ethernet.
  1. Open the terminal and enter the below command to install Bluetooth driver.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez blueman

  1. Then reboot the system using the following command.

sudo reboot.

  1. After rebooting the system, go to menu  >>  Preferences >>  Bluetooth Manager.


  1. On clicking Bluetooth Manager, another window will appear with the name device. Then go to

Adapter   >>  Preferences.


  1. On clicking preferences, one more window will appear for visibility settings. Just select always visible and press close.


  1. For first time pairing there are two cases where in one case your device want to pair with Raspberry Pi and in other case Raspberry Pi want to pair with your devi ce.

Your Bluetooth device trying to pair with Raspberry Pi:

  1. On your Bluetooth device ( e.g Mobile phone ) enable bluetooth and scan for Raspberry Pi Bluetooth. Just select Raspberry Pi and try to pair.
  1. One symbol of mail box will appear besides bluetooth, just click on mail box which is on the top of black color message which you can see in the figure below.


  1. After clicking on the mail box symbol one more window will open, asking for the confirmation of the connection between Raspberry Pi and the bluetooth device. Just click on confirm button and your devi ce has been added in paired list on Raspberry Pi.


  1. Now you can send files from your Bluetooth devi ce to Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi trying to pair with a Bluetooth device:

  1.  Go to menu >> Preferences >>  Bluetooth Manager.


  1. Now click on the search option and you can see the Bluetooth devices.


  1. Now select the device with which you want to pair and press the setup button.


  1. New window appear, you can select random passkey or custom pass key. In custom pass key you can give any number. After that press next.


  1. On your mobile device, you will receive message containing pass key and asking for confirmation. Just press Ok. After that on Raspberry Pi one mail box will appear at top right of the display next to Bluetooth symbol.


  1. Just click on the mail box symbol and press confirm.


  1. Raspberry Pi want to transfer some files to a Bluetooth device. On the top right of the screen there will be one Bluetooth symbol.


  1. Just click on the Bluetooth icon and click on send files to device.


  1. Select the device with which you have paired and press ok button.


  1. One more window will appear from which you can select files to send.




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