Make a Smart Mirror with Raspberry Pi

A Smart Mirror for your home or workplace can make life a lot simpler. A smart mirror is almost exactly like a home page of a computer or mobile phone and provides basic information like the time, weather, control music, control the lights you name it.

A smart mirror can be made at home with the help of a Raspberry Pi, a frame and a one way mirror. A smart mirror is all you need to make your workplace or home look high-tech and up to date. It’s all you need to make your home a ‘smart home’

The video below will show you how to make one with the help of Raspberry Pi, which you can ofcourse buy on our website. The mirror can be coded and customised to your preference. You could make one with motion sensors which will detect every motion infront of the mirror. Or a face-recognition one where the mirror will detect the person’s face. The sky is the limit.

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